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Shayari Quotes

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Black: Love the color but why hate the complexion…

Dear Life I Love you even when you are angry

I don’t need anger management, you just need to stop making me angry..

I hate remembering the good times I spent with people who ended up disappointing me.

Guard your dreams by setting them..

Your future is hidden in the teacher’s pen..

We never know the best time of our life until it becomes a memory…

Don’t wait for the perfect moment take moment and make it perfect.

Do not compare yourself to others if you do so you are insulting yourself.

Life is hard but not impossible.

Top Shayari Quotes

Life is short, So make your each day, A memorable day, And live happily.

The world is a theater, Our life is a picture, We all are characters, And the God is director.

Life becomes happy, If it is full of love, friends, Sweet memories and Desire of success.

Life is actually easy, But some people’s appearance, Makes it complicated.

Friends are evidence of our ‘Success’ In life.

Life is a lab, Where we examine, Who are our own And who are not.

Life is short, So live it heartfully, And enjoy a lot.

I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself..

Silence is the best answer for all questions Smiling is the best reaction to all situations.

Work for a cause not for applause, Live life to express, not to impress.